If you want to have a good web performance do WordPress optimization

If You Want a Good Web Performance Do Wordpress 1600 Optimization

If you want to have a good web performance do WordPress optimization

Doing WordPress optimization is essential for a site to have prominence and relevance in search engines. This is the only way to increase conversions and keep consumers interested.

It's not enough that the site is aesthetically attractive. It must also be functional, combining design and performance to ensure the success of the company on the Internet. And, it is effectively at this point that the optimization is fundamental.

Since WordPress is today the main platform for creating websites, we developed this article dedicated to the importance of its optimization.  

WordPress Optimization: Why is it so important?

For the site to ensure a good user experience, with little loading time and good navigation experience it is important to optimize it. And, this optimization will be reflected in the increase of page views, besides helping in SEO.

But what does this optimization involve? Basically, it is an improvement in aspects that influence the navigation experience, namely: speed, choice of a good server, optimization of images, use of plug-ins...

Know now some ways to optimize WordPress and improve the performance of your site.

1 - Page speed

To find out if a site's speed matches Google's expectations, you need to do a speed test. And, know now that you can do it with tools that can be free.

On average, less than 5 seconds is the parameter for good speed. However, these tests generate reports with suggestions for improvement to increase the speed even more.

Regular updates of the theme and plugins ensure that the site works according to the latest version. Not making frequent updates can make the page slow and unreliable and vulnerable to security threats.

2 - WordPress optimization plugins

Plugins are very interesting tools to optimize WordPress, are designed by a set of programmers and help improve various functions within the site.

Some of the most important plugins are the following.

2.1 - Smush

This tool helps you to compress and optimize your site's images.

In simple terms, the plugin compresses and decreases the size of image files without any decrease in quality.

2.2 - WP Health

When installed on the site, this plugin is able to analyze the main problems that the page may present, whether in relation to SEO, security or speed.

This allows the administrator to correct any errors and look for improvement solutions that will enhance the navigation experience and give greater visibility to the site.

2.3 - Yoast SEO

This plugin gains prominence when the subject is SEO, since through it it is possible to obtain the analysis of the pages of the site in terms of optimization.

In addition to analyzing the quality of the pages, it offers tips and solutions that will help you get a better ranking on Google.

It is a fundamental tool for those who want to get a good rating in the world's largest search engine.

3 - Hosting Servers

Another important factor in WordPress optimization is choosing a good server to host the site.

This is because there are several types of servers where your site can be hosted, and it has an impact on the page's performance.

Therefore, high quality servers will ensure more speed and security.


These are some of the elements that should be observed when doing WordPress optimization. Ensuring that the site works properly is paramount to have a successful online business and thus get a higher conversion rate. 

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