4 factors to consider when developing your website's webdesign

4 Factors to Consider When Developing Your Website's Webdesign

4 factors to consider when developing your website's webdesign

There's a saying that the first impression is what counts. So when you are developing the web design of your site it is essential to keep this point in mind.

However complete the content, the presentation of the site is the gateway for visitors. Therefore, it should be visually attractive, intuitive and built to provide a good browsing experience.

So we will talk about 4 factors to consider for the development of the webdesign of a site. And, in this way, guarantee a good return for your business.

Webdesign: 4 key points to consider

The main goal of webdesign on a website is to make a brand immediately recognized. Therefore all graphic elements must translate the identity and mission of the company.

This gives professionalism, confidence and security to the visitor, who must identify with the page and perform actions in a simple and natural way.

To develop a site that achieves this goal, the following points must be considered.

1 - Layout structure

This is one of the first steps in building the webdesign of a site. But there is no magic formula to determine the perfect layout to attract more and more visitors.

This is because each type of structure is best suited for different proposals. For example, customer acquisition sites for sales should direct attention to purchasing information and outstanding products. A newspaper, on the other hand, should draw attention to the headlines of the day.

Therefore, you must first analyze what the purpose of your site is in order to determine the best structure.

2 - Navigation

Navigation should not be complicated, but intuitive, easy to identify and use.

It is also important to keep navigation menus simple so that they do not overload the consumer with too much information.

Ensuring the best browsing experience also includes using tools that help the flow of navigation through the site.

The easier it is to navigate through your site, the more likely it is that you will find what you are looking for before you close the site.  

3 - Content design

Whether it's to check the weather forecast, make a purchase, or share photos and videos on social networks, the reality is that it's always consuming content.

Therefore, for a site to be easily found by its audience, the content must be optimized for search engines.

These tools consider the relevance and quality of content to organize the search ranking. And so they display the results to those who are looking for certain information, product or service.

Thus, in relation to the webdesign of the page it is necessary to ensure that the content is relevant and linked to images of good quality, related to the text and in sufficient quantity to break large blocks of information.

In addition, it is important to arrange the content so that it can be viewed from any device without losing quality.

4 - Images and fonts

The visual appearance of a site is built with images and fonts that integrate harmoniously. This is the only way to ensure that the page looks beautiful and balanced.

Regarding images, it is worth talking to a photographer or illustrator to develop and create an exclusive set of images.

Offer a unique visual experience, use transitions and effects in JavaScript or CSS, and be careful with the resolution of images. However, always keep an eye on the final file size so that it is not too heavy.

Already on the fonts, avoid many font variations in the layout. This is because besides leaving the page with an unattractive design, it can also harm the performance of the site.

Observing these factors in the development of the web design of a site will ensure that it is able to attract visitors.

Therefore, carefully plan the entire structure of your site to convey professionalism and confidence to those who visit it.

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