Everything you need to know about the SSL certificate

All You Need to Know About The Ssl Certificate

Everything you need to know about the SSL certificate

Anyone who is an entrepreneur knows how important the creation of a website is for the good functioning of business. This page works as a convergence point for all digital channels of the company.

However, in addition to the content and functionality of a website, security is paramount. And that is where the SSL certificate comes into play, fundamental to ensure the credibility of any site.

If you want to know more about the SSL certificate, what it is and how important it is, then continue reading this article.

SSL Certificate - What you need to know

We can define SSL - Secure Sockets Layer, as a protocol developed by Netscape in 1994. The goal was to establish a secure communication channel in a connection between two computers.

This protocol works in such a way as to maintain the integrity of the data and make it impossible to access it from unauthorised third parties.

Using encryption, the security method encrypts the data coming from a connection between a browser and the server where the content is being accessed, generating a kind of "key".

This key is only provided to the browser and the server. This element is the only one capable of decoding the data and turning it into readable information again.

Therefore, we can conclude that the essence of the SSL certificate is in the existing encryption algorithms.

In other words, they encrypt the information in transit and prevent third parties from having any contact with the files. This means that even if a hacker captures the data, he cannot interpret or alter it.

Types of SSL certificate

There are three types of SSL certificates, and we will talk about them next.

1 - Domain Validation or Validation

This is the best known type of SSL certificate. It aims to indicate the security level of the evaluated domain, giving more confidence to the visitors of a site.

As it is limited to the domain, it is suitable for sites with few pages or for small blogs. That's also why it's faster to issue.

2 - Organization Validation or Validation of the Organization

This, in turn, is a more comprehensive type of certificate, since it validates the entire organization. In other words, this modality does all the validation of the company responsible for the site.

In terms of the company's credibility, this type of SSL certificate is a great differential, since the user can be sure that the company really exists and is legalized within that business area.

It is recommended for companies that are larger or require a higher level of trust, such as online stores, e-commerce or companies with more complex sites that deal directly with the public.

3 - Extended Validation or Extended Validation

Finally, this is the most complete type of SSL certificate, and besides covering the domain and the company, it also makes an analysis of the business and the site, offering the highest possible level of security.

How do I know if a site is SSL certified?

To have that information, all it takes is a fairly simple procedure. When accessing a website, observe the browser's search bar. If the URL has the letter S at the end of the HTTP acronym, it means that the certificate is active.

Another way to discover this information is through the lock symbol preceding the URL with the active certificate. If the lock is there, it means the navigation is safe.

Why should I adopt the SSL certificate on my site?

Information security has become a crucial point not only for companies and managers, but also for users. They do not access or buy from a site that does not inspire their confidence.

Therefore, adopting the SSL certificate is the best way to convey credibility and seriousness to your visitors.

Those who work with e-commerce know that forms of payment are essential to convince the customer to make the purchase, and that no visitor is willing to leave the card data on websites that do not transmit security.

Therefore, adhering to the SSL protocol is critical for business to flow normally.

In addition, the protocol enables a site to be found more easily when combined with a good Content Marketing strategy, so it is also a form of SEO optimization.

It is worth investing in the SSL certificate and thus improving the browsing experience for consumers. And that will certainly leverage business even more.

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