Want to start selling online? Understand where to start

Want to Start Selling Online Understand Where to Start 834

Want to start selling online? Understand where to start

Have you decided to create your business to sell online and have no idea what the first steps are?  

Are you also unaware of the care needed to ensure that your e-commerce is successful?

Calm down, because with work, dedication and professionalism it will be possible to create a quality online store that pleases your target audience and gives them positive financial results.

To learn how to start selling online, continue reading this article and follow our 7 tips.

Sell online: 7 gold tips to start your online store from scratch

E-commerce presents an excellent perspective for those who want to start selling online.

Internet sales have been growing annually. So starting your online store is a good way to invest. However, it takes planning and organization for everything to work out.

We have prepared a complete list with 7 tips that will be indispensable for your success. Get to know them.

1 - Make a planning

The initial step is one of the most important. If not done carefully it can frustrate your entire business development.

Basically, you should start by asking yourself three questions:

- · What are you selling?

- · Who are you selling to?

- · Who are you buying from?

From there you will start to trace the niche market you want to serve, who your target audience is, and where you will get suppliers. It may seem quite basic, but it is essential in any kind of business.

2 - Register a domain

The registration of the domain is also something very important. That is when you will create your website address. Performing this process is relatively easy and fast.

Here you must be creative and think of something that is new and authentic. Choose simple words, easy to remember and with clear spelling. Avoid double or foreign letters, so that the consumer can easily remember it.

It is also important that the name of your online store is directly related to the product you are selling. This allows the consumer to quickly identify what kind of service/product they can offer.

3 - Look for information about the technologies

It is important to know the platforms and technologies available to operate in the digital environment and check which one best fits your business model.

Whoever decides to undertake in this environment can opt for their own platform or rent a pre-existing one. But you must know how the functions of each one work before investing.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to unanimously define the best platform for a business. This is because each business has its own particularities and needs.

For example, a large company will need a more complete platform, while a smaller company may choose a platform with fewer resources.

4 - Create a visual identity

Having your own visual identity is very important for any online sales business.

Therefore, when hiring a platform for creating and managing your online store, you must ensure that the system allows the customization of the site.

Hiring a designer can be a good solution at this stage. This is because the professional will create your logo and from it develop the remaining graphic design of the business.

5 - Have multiple digital channels

Digital channels are the means you will use to find, serve and interact with your potential customers.

A Facebook page or Instagram profile, for example, are audience channels. You don't necessarily have to sell your products through them. But they're extremely important for potential customers to get to know your business.

6 - Have a marketing strategy

The first step in creating a marketing strategy is setting goals. These are entirely dependent on your type of business and way of acting, and must be in accordance with the reality of the business.

Having these objectives defined, initiate the necessary processes to achieve your goals. As challenges arise along the way, make the necessary corrections.

7 - Continue to leverage the business

Once you start selling online, you need to take some time to then re-evaluate purposes and see clearly where the company is heading.

To accelerate your growth, you may need to hire someone, invest in marketing, or develop new products/services.

Finally, you must analyse what has worked so far, and evaluate what can be modified to achieve even more significant results.

This tip should be followed regularly. Remember that a business must always be open to change and adaptation to remain competitive in the market.


Selling online can bring professional and financial stability to those who know how to manage this kind of business. Start your online store on the right foot with these 7 tips.

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