6 projects that must be done by a programmer

6 Projects That Must Be Done by a Programmer

6 projects that must be done by a programmer

Careers in information technology are increasingly gaining ground. And among the professionals working in this niche market is the programmer.

In simple terms, the programmer or system analyst works with project development and implementation of systems and applications, whether specific, advanced or basic.

In the case of the web developer, he is responsible for developing systems and apps that will be used online. For example, creating websites, web shops, portals, forums, apps...

In this article we will present you 6 projects that should be done by this professional.

Programmer: 6 projects that should be developed by this professional

To work as a programmer it is necessary to have some specific knowledge in the area, besides the programming language. The professional must master several tools and have a vast knowledge about databases.

Basically, he should be able to develop solutions to solve problems, as well as ensure that everything he does works as expected.

The field of operation is very broad and diverse, and increasingly, banks, industries, hospitals or companies in general, need qualified professionals.

These professionals participate in the process of business automation and computerization.

Practically everything we use in our day-to-day life that is technology related was developed by a programmer.

From this he realizes the importance of this professional, who uses all his knowledge and creativity to make possible the many facilities that we enjoy in our daily lives.

Here are some examples of projects that should be done by a programmer.

1 - Operating systems

Operating systems are present in all the digital devices we use on a daily basis.

Any automatic data processing machine, such as a desktop or notebook, smartphone or tablet, needs an operating system to work.

These systems consist of software (or set of software) whose function is to administer and manage the resources of a system.

You probably know some of these systems, namely: Windows, Linux, Android or iOS.

2 - Development of app's

After the appearance of smartphones, apps became real phenomena. And, countless companies were born and grew rapidly due to their popularization.

Applications can be defined as software (or program) for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

For programmers, apps have been part of their professional routine for a long time. This is because these professionals are responsible for their development.

3 - Sites

The sites can also be designed by a programmer.

This is because they can be developed to meet a specific business need.

4 - Application packages

Surely you use or have used Microsoft Office applications, which contain such programs:

- · Text processor (Word)

- · Spreadsheets (Excel)

- · Database (Access)

- · Graphic presentation (Power Point)

- · Email Manager (Outlook)

All these applications (and similar applications) are also the result of the work of programmers.

5 - Smart TV

TV sets are becoming more and more modern and with more functions. Today it is already possible to access the Internet via the remote control of your TV.

For this technology to be developed, certainly there were the actions of programmers who contributed to the creation of what we know today as Smart TV.

6 - Games

Of course, games are also created by programmers. And, we're talking about computer games, smartphones or consoles.

Many younger programmers even try to excel in this area.

As you can see, the profession of programmer is extremely important for the continued advancement of the technologies that facilitate our daily lives.

No wonder this is one of the most sought-after careers for lovers of the computer universe.

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