Is woo commerce the best investment option?

Will Woo Commerce be the Best Investment Option

Is woo commerce the best investment option?

Far beyond a momentary trend, e-commerce is here to stay. This year, more than ever, e-shops have grown on a large scale around the world. And, this has been happening in various segments, further consolidating the e-commerce modality. This has also increased the use of platforms such as woo commerce.

Entrepreneurs who already work with sales and new entrepreneurs have rushed against time to make a presence in online commerce. However, the question of which platform to use is almost always present.

With the popularization of woo commerce, we have prepared this article with all the information you need to know. This way, you can decide in an informed way if this is the best option for your business.

Woo commerce: Everything you need to know

Woo commerce is the name of a plugin, capable of transforming any WordPress site into a complete virtual store.

This means that with this plugin it is possible to sell any kind of product, from clothing to industrial equipment.

Although it is only a plugin, this platform can be one of the most robust e-commerce systems in existence today.

With all the popularity of WordPress, it is possible to estimate that this plugin is one of the most used in terms of ecommerce development.

What does the platform offer to users?

As we mentioned, woo commerce is a platform capable of creating a complete online store. So it has all the features for this kind of business. But, we list the main ones below.

1 - Product Registration

Through the platform you can create and edit all the products of your business. In addition, if there are similar products, you can duplicate them and change the differences between them.

If your business has a product to which you want to give greater visibility, you can highlight it to receive more access and increase the purchase conversion rate.

2 - Ways of payment

The woo commerce also brings many payment options. There are over 140 ways you can offer your customers.

All this variety is very important to make sure that the abandonment rate of the cart is as low as possible.

3 - Follow-up of each request

Through the woo commerce virtual store it is also possible to keep in touch with the customer. You can do this via e-mail and follow him from the closing of the purchase until the delivery.

If you sell a physical product, you can offer free deliveries, choose a single delivery fee or calculate the cost of shipping.

4 - Open source

This feature is one of the biggest differentials of woo commerce, because it allows your online store to be totally customized according to your needs.

This is because you can make connections with other software and applications that are part of your business management.

5 - Shop on Facebook

With the plugin you can also connect your e-shop to Facebook in order to increase the reach of your offers both organically and via paid ads on Facebook Ads.

6 - Promotions

woo commerce also has tools to activate promotions and attract even more your audience. If you make a release, for example, you can activate a countdown on the page.

In case of limited time offers, discount coupons can be made available.

7 - Issue of reports

To have greater control over sales, namely which products have been purchased most, statistics, conversion rates or abandoned carts, it is sufficient to access the reports issued by woo commerce.

These will be extremely useful in managing your business.

What are its main advantages and disadvantages?

Of course, like everything else in life, there are always advantages and disadvantages to using this platform.

Among the advantages, we can highlight:

- · Market recognition

- · Simple to use

- · Online Visibility

Among the disadvantages, they are:

- · On some occasions you will need a programmer

- · The security of the site must be maintained by the administrator

- · The files should be backed up periodically

Nevertheless, these disadvantages are points that can easily be overcome. Therefore the investment in this platform proves to be more beneficial for those who want to start an online store.

So if you're planning your e-commerce, consider woo commerce as an option to create a complete store that will help you leverage your business even further. 

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