DDoS Attacks: Everything you should consider

Attacks From All That You Must Consider

DDoS Attacks: Everything you should consider

At a time when we are all connected online, certain terms and situations have begun to form part of our vocabulary.

One of these terms, which has become increasingly frequent, is the DDoS attack. If you have a website, you should certainly be aware of the meaning of this acronym. That's because the chances of suffering such an attack are not small.

To know what it is and how to avoid DDoS attacks, continue reading this article where we present you the essential information on the subject.

DDoS attacks: What do they consist of?

He planned for months the creation of his website, analyzed all the details and developed a platform that adds value to his consumer.

In addition, he had to buy a quality one Hosting and buy an exclusive domain that relates to the theme of his site. It's a big investment of time and money to make everything work properly, right?

But know that, despite everything, a very boring situation can occur. We talked about the DDoS attacks. The beginning of this type of attack is characterized by a sudden slowness in the site.

After some time in this situation, few people can access it, it overloads and becomes unavailable.

What is a DdoS attack after all?

DDoS is actually a derivation of DoS (Denial of Service, in Portuguese). A type of malicious attack that involves only one attacker, which can be a single server or computer controlled by a hacker.

The DDoS is nothing more than a set of DoS attacks. Only in this case several attackers distribute and coordinate the attacks, overloading the whole system, leaving it off the air.

Its main purpose is to overload a server or a computer, deplete its resources (such as memory and processing) and make it unavailable for access by any user.

The consequences of a successful DDoS attack can be disastrous for any company. For example, if a website of a network of stores is attacked, losses in total sales and return on investment in marketing campaigns and product replacement can be catastrophic.

The reasons for this type of attack can be diverse:

- · Form of protest

- · Tearing down the competition

- · Making financial gains through a "redemption"

- · Achieving notoriety on the Internet

What are the types of DDoS attacks

This type of attack has basically the same objective, which is to overload systems and take sites off the air. But each of them has some particularities in the way they affect the victims:

- · Resource consumption - When you make the resources used by the server 100% consumed, for example, using up all the RAM or processor time

- · Bandwidth Consumption - This is caused by sending a higher volume of data than the network or server link uses. This congestion is caused by the physical media used for data entering or leaving the server.

- · Flood of data that feeds the server - This is a variation of the type above, which is not enough to congestion the link. But it's superior to the capacity the server has to receive and handle the information

- · Exploiting a system vulnerability - also known as "exploit", is a type of attack that usually aims to make the target unavailable, or gain control of it.

How to protect yourself from a DDoS attack

It's not possible to predict when this kind of attack will happen. So ideally you should always be prepared to face a situation of possible threat.

Among the forms of prevention against a DDoS attack are:

- · Bandwidth Investment - A more robust bandwidth can help mitigate a DDoS attack as it supports a higher volume of access requests.

- · Use a Firewall to manage connections - Besides acting as a protection barrier against malicious content, a Firewall also makes the control and management of all requests for connection to a site.

- · Having several access servers - Ideally, each component of the site, such as content, e-mails and the database, should be stored and pointed to different servers. This way, if one of these components is compromised by a DDoS attack, it will not influence the functioning of the others.

These are just a few ways to prevent yourself from these threats. But it is very difficult to prevent a DDoS attack, since hackers are always discovering new techniques and vulnerabilities.

However, knowing more about the subject you will certainly be prepared to deal with a situation of this kind and thus avoid major losses to your business.

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